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5 tips for all my long distance loves out there!

Updated: May 25, 2019

Who has seen that movie where the guy and or girl flies out to see the girl and surprise here and she had zero idea? It's super cute and romantic and everything that is never going to happen in real life.

I've been in a long distance relationship for about a year now and I've learned that those movies have sooo many flaws...how does said person know that persons schedule and they will be free that weekend? How do they get last minute flights that aren't over 500 dollars? Too many questions.

To hopefully make your lives easier here are tips I've learned that has made our lives better and happier.

One: Do not put any life event on hold to call/text/facetime them. Your family wants to go out for dinner? Go enjoy that Mac and cheese and listen to your families day. I used to push everyone off to have a phone conversation with my boyfriend or to FaceTime him for hours. Looking back on it I wish I hadn't as much. Which brings me to my next point...

Two: Have a time limit of talking...I know reading that sentence sounds odd...but hear me out...If you are with anyone for hours on end or even days on end you need a break. You start to get annoyed with how they pick their plate up you just start to get to a point where you need space. Believe it or not that happens in long distance relationships too..you both need time to breath and live life aside from holding a screen to your face for hours on end. Its not healthy for you or the relationship, please see how your significant others day went talk for a hour or two but then set a time limit after all there is only so much you can talk about in a given day.

Three: Figure out when you will get to see them again...this point is one that helped me a lot mentally since I am a very checklist oriented person. We had a limit of the maximum time we could go without seeing eachother which for each couple is different luckily I had a flexible job and they were amazing on giving me time off and he had a set schedule so it made it easier to plan trips out. For us our time limit is 6 weeks which was super hard...but we made it and you will too.

Four: Make trips to see each others place of residence...I had never thought about Connecticut as a place I'd ever travel nothing personal just wasn't a top state and here I am having gone to CT more than 12 times now..I love it is very quaint and peaceful and I had terrible reception there which made it even better I got to just spend time with my boyfriend. He visited Tennessee on a number of occasions and loved it as well.

Five: I wanna be your end game... cue Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's amazing voices here...figure out your end game..for us. We were dating a few months when my boyfriend told me he wanted to move here which I got SUPER lucky with a super great guy. I know that isn't the case for everyone, so figure out what your working towards...are you going to be long distance for a few months or years? Its easier when you both are on the same page.

Fun fact this was the trip that Chris asked me to be his girlfriend on! <3

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